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Medieval Carlingford & Carlingford Lough

Enjoy spectacular views aboard the Carlingford Lough Ferry alongside an information on the history and rich natural heritage of Carlingford Lough. This is followed by a walking tour of Carlingford – a medieval walled town located on the Cooley Peninsula in County Louth that has been described as “an outdoor museum of Medieval Ireland”
by Ireland’s Office of Public Works.
Carlingford’s architectural heritage is unique and has a history that dates over 1300 years! The remaining historical buildings include King Johns Castle, Holy Trinity Church, The Dominican Friary, The Tholsel, The Mint and Taaffe’s Castle. Carlingford was very important during the medieval period in Ireland, and town received five charters in total including a charter to mint coins in 1467. This popular tour lasts approximately 2.5 hours and allows a better understanding of Irish history and the daily life of the medieval society in a fun and engaging way. Added options include an opportunity to strike and keep your own unique Carlingford coin or a tour of the interior of King Johns Castle.

All tours include a crossing on the Carlingford Lough Ferry which sails across the most famous border in Europe! The trip promises spectacular views with intriguing local tales around the history and natural heritage of The Lough including its protected wildlife and landscape*

Mountains of Mourne & Silent Valley

A Designated Area of Outstanding Beauty

This area was the inspiration for CS Lewis’s Chronicles of Narnia who stated “I have seen landscapes, notably in the Mourne Mountains and southwards which under a particular light made me feel that at any moment a giant might raise his head over the next ridge”.
View the magnificent engineering of Spelga Dam, which took 2000 men to build over 10 years, distributing 140 million litres of water per day and is encircled by the famous Mourne Wall. (2.5 hr)

Cuchulainns Country

Cooley Mountains, Fairy Hill & Legend of the Long Woman

Home to the Celtic Warrior Cuchulainn, this is where Ireland’s national epic An Táin (Cattle Raid of Cooley) took place! It is a magical place where stories of ancient heroes, giants, kings and conquests echo throughout its land. Local tales are passionately retold and take the visitor on a truly enjoyable journey through time! (2 hr)

Saints and Sinners

St Brigid’s Well& Healing Stones
and grave of Robert De Bruce

St Brigid is Ireland’s best known female Saint, believed to be a Celtic goddess. Brigid’s story and healing powers are fascinating, per-forming over 45 miracles in her lifetime. The shrine to St Brigid relates to her birthplace and includes a healing well alongside numerous healing stones. (3 hr)

Leprechaun and Lore

Leprechaun & Fairy Cavern and Folklore Park

Visit Ireland’s only Leprechaun and Fairy Cavern where the spirits dance at dawn! Hear stories by The Leprechaun Whisperer about how the last leprechauns of Ireland were discovered over 30 years ago and why they are now protected under an EU Directive! Located within a folklore park which is home to The Giants Chair, Proposal Stones Fairy House and much more! (2.5 hr)

Taste of Cooley

Tailored to whatever whets your appetite!

Focusing on local produce, this storytelling tour offers tastings of the award winning Cooley Whiskey, visiting the Carling-ford Oysters farm or Carlingford craft beer sampling with local cheese. Breadmaking is also an option. An introduction to foraging is another favourite where common plants are highlighted as edibles sources of nourishment and tasty ingredients! (3.5 hrs)

Get High!

Get a natural high out in the open air in a relaxed and fun atmosphere! SKYPARK is Ireland’s newest high rope course to suit to all abilities facilitated by highly trained in-structors. (4.5 hrs)

Canadian Connections

Thomas Darcy Mc Gee

Visit the birthplace of Thomas Darcy Mc-Gee, journalist politician poet and a founding father of The Canadian Confederation. Includes a visit to the Thomas Darcy Magee Exhibition and tour of Medieval Carlingford. (2.5 hrs)

Available to groups of 8+

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